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finally everything is over
Sunday, February 28, 2010

so year 2 is over. is like really over. this sem really stress me out. all the modules is just stressing me out. and with all society work and stuff. pass few weeks is crazy for me. chiong project, attend meeting, study test. wow. really very tired. almost wanna drop. but lucky i manage to pull through and here i am.

training camp ended. feel relieve. is like 1 event down. wow! another one is d&d and i will be done with everything. training camp was quite slacking. but i really thanks all SGLs help. running up and down for me is omg. i think too long nv exercise le. maybe i need to start exercising. start my running. or i will suffer for my 2.4 test. hehe.

currently no mood to do d&d stuff. shall do it tml. so damn tired. slept less than 4 hrs ytd. n previous day slept less than 4 hrs too. hahas. maybe i shall slp too.

tml attachment. need wake up at 5.30. omg. is so torture.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

fri was my b'dae. wen tot sch to see the cosplayer. hehe. ppl are wearing own costume more. so when i see the entrance is like wow. hahas. take some pic. of coz kena suan by ppl as well. coz 20 le. after went out with dear. hehe. time spend were great. we eat, we walk and we talk.

went back to botanic garden. the place where we were together. alot of stupid stuff happen here. n we just talk bout it. we enjoy the breeze there. talk and listen to music. hehe. damn nice and quiet. then we head home and this time we are crazy. take all kinds of stupid picture. hahas. but is fun. wonder the ppl got say us not. hehe.

on sat, went to sch to do duty. hehe. morning is quite sian. but nvm. in the end got ppl. wee. i did a hp strap pendant for dear dear. red yea. nice right? hahas. then dear dear 2nd shift. so we went to eat. and i help the pendant for the 2nd shift. so spend the whole day at the booth. din do my plant. i wanna get catus for mama. but forget. by the time i end, the booth already close. so sad. then after tat went dinner with dear. hehe. talk a little. and home sweet home.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

hahas. time pass quickly. yea. turn 20 le. not old right? rmb being ask if wanna a kids menu. so paiseh can. ans olso check my i/c when i wanna watch movie. omg. cant imagine tat. am i tat kiddy? hahas.

anyway birthday always have wishes right? i will have my 3 wishes:
1) get good results as usual. but aiming for distinctions this time round.
2) to be well as well as for my family
3) hope will have more time with dear.

and today marks the 1st year anniversary for bingxin and me. hahas. he got me a present, bracelet. thanks dear. love you. i will wear it always. and a wishes for that is to make you as happy as always. and loving.

to those who send messages, online, facebook etc. thanks a lot. hehe. and for the presents. thanks huiling, sabrina, and the society people. hehe. thanks yea.

green is my world @ 6:54 PM

hahas. today NP open hus. involve in cosplaying. shall be the 1st and last time. i will not want to wear again. is really damn weird. walking around with the costume. but really lucky. we did oli 2hr 30 min. and then go off le. so another batch take over.

went for IS. tired. keep falling aslp. but is lucky i manage to listen what he wanna say. then went to take photos. really not in the mood. but still manage to do it. walk around.

after tat went to take stuff. meet dear dear. n saw the cosplayer. they really like it. enjoy it. they really walk around and interact. they really bring fun to it. hahas. is really different from our 1st batch. feel like some loser liddat. hahas.

anyway after tat went home. dear dear send me. n now damn tired.

time really flies. and wont wait for anyone. really really enjoy the time spend. really love u lot. and olso to my class mates, not interactive at all but this year quite good. got bbq. like finally yea. hahas.

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